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Moral Virtue and Moral Vice
Moral virtue can be described as traits of character that dispose a person to act in a moral fashion. Compared to moral vices which are traits of character that dispose a person to act in an indifferent or harmful fashion. So basically when a person acts out of good faith or shows positive traits in reaction they are referred to as moral virtue. And when a person is acting with bad faith and negative character traits they are presenting moral vices.
Five traits I would associate police officers having would be honesty, responsibility, loyalty, humbleness, and kindness. For probation officers I would chose tolerance, open-mindedness, tactfulness, wisdom, and patience. For a lawyer I chose justice, courage, reliability, self-respect, and integrity.
All the chosen traits I believe are regarded as virtues and therefore are good all of them are positive good aspects none of the above traits prove to be negative.
 Williams, C. R., & Arriago, B. A. (2012). Ethics, crime, and criminal justice (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
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