Week 4 Discussion 19908717

Initial Post
Watch the following video: Corporate Event Setup Timelapse, Benjamin Townsend Photography, April 21, 2014
https://youtu.be/nTxx1GAWK5w Discuss the following:
• What are the tasks and roles you see people performing in this setup?
• Explain your thoughts about the order in which the tasks occur and why that is important.
• What was the most interesting thing you noticed? Do you have any experience in event setups? If so, share your experience with the class. Read the following article: Six Simple Tips for Improving Event Vendor Management, Planning Pod, Jeff Kear, December 20, 201 Discuss the following:
• Do you agree that vendors may be the parties most responsible for your success? Why? Or why not?
• Did any of these tips surprise you? Which one(s)? Why?
• What are some other types of vendors and subcontractors that might be involved in an entertainment event?
• What type of event might they be working? What would their role be?
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