watch the video: On page 111, the St

watch the video:
On page 111, the Strengths Perspective is discussed. After reading about the strengths perspective, watch the clip below. Then answer the questions following the clip.
Hoarders Video Link (Links to an external site.)
1). Apply the strengths perspective to Denise. Then, discuss at least two strengths she has that could potentially stop her from hoarding. It does not matter how small the strength is.
E.g. An example of a strength would be that the lights are on. This is a strength because it means she has electricity and a means to pay for the electricity.
2). The Solution-Focused Approach is discussed starting on page 115. How could you apply the strengths you identified in order to use the solution-focused approach when assisting Denise?
please respond to classmate post:
Applying the strength perspective to Denise ,a social worker could state that she is proficient on computers. She stated she spends a lot of time on the computer so she is knowledgeable with pc’s. Denise could find relevant work from home jobs and accumulate income from working on her pc. Another strength she has is she is good with dogs. There are many people who need animal sitters so having a skill like this is very valuable in 2021. Focusing on these two strengths and making her recognize that possessing these skills can achieve a higher level of success would be the strength perspective approach.
The solution focused approach would be number one asking Denise when did things start to change? Once the social worker realizes what caused the change then they would help the client realize how it all started. The client more than likely knows why but probably needs to be reminded of how life was before the hoarding. Second ask Denise is she happy and if not what would make her happy. After she expresses what would make her happy then a social worker would incorporate her skill set of being great with dogs and knowledgeable with pcs and find work or activities to use those skills. This will allow her to use her skillset in a positive manner and build her confidence. Once her confidence starts growing it should naturally be easier for her to start working on goals that her and the social worker has set. Constantly encourage and acknowledge her achievements and remind her of her end goal that she stated she wanted to meet.

The post watch the video:
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The post watch the video:
On page 111, the St first appeared on nursing writers.

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