Unit 9


Unit 9 Discussion 1






Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.


This discussion will help you prepare your Unit 10 assignment. Your peers and instructor will provide feedback that will help you polish your plan.


In the studies for this unit, you reviewed Step 5 in the Program Evaluation Guide. While your course project does not address program cost, any program for which you provide services will need to address these questions in order to survive and thrive in your community. After completing the multimedia piece, how would you make the case that the benefits of your program are worth the cost?


Similarly, our Royse, Thyer, and Padgett textbook (Chapter 13) and the Sridharan and Nakaima (2011) article discuss how pragmatics and political pressures can come into play when evaluators report their findings. Which of these issues might you anticipate arising when presenting your hypothetical program evaluation? How would you plan to handle these constructively?  






Unit 9 Discussion 2






Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.


In their professional roles, counselors engage in relationships with other human service providers and use strategies for interagency/interorganization collaboration and communication to make improvements for clients.


After reviewing the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations multimedia piece earlier in this unit, create a 10-slide PowerPoint that could be used for presenting the results of your hypothetical program evaluation plan, if you were able to carry it out. Post your presentation for comment and constructive feedback by your peers.




Your presentation should include the following slides:


Program Description (name, mission, stakeholders, and broad aims).


Program Evaluation (model and methods used).


Populations Served (including implications for cultural considerations).


Counseling Services Provided (types of programs, such as after-school groups, parent education, et cetera).


Needs Assessment (hypothetical assessments to determine needs and their results).


Outcome/Impact Evaluation (hypothetical results obtained from administration of selected measures).


Conclusions of the Evaluation (hypothetical results about what is successful and what needs improvement).


Ethical Use of Results (cautions about the application of findings).


Recommendations to Stakeholders.





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