U3d1-64 – identify and discuss the goals of data screening and as

Data Screening
For this discussion, identify the goals of data screening. Then discuss how you can identify and remedy
the following:
• Errors in data entry.
• Outliers.
• Missing data.
Use your IBM SPSS Statistics Step by Step text to complete the following:
• Review “An Introduction to the Example” in Chapter 1. This section provides definitions of SPSS
variables used in your Unit 3 assignment.
• Read Chapter 6, “Frequencies.” This reading addresses the following topics:
◦ Frequencies.
◦ Bar charts.
◦ Histograms.
◦ Percentiles.
• Read Chapter 7, “Descriptive Statistics.” This reading addresses the following topics:
◦ Statistical significance.
◦ The normal distribution.
◦ Mean, median, and mode.
◦ Variance and standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis.
◦ Maximum, minimum, range, and sum.
◦ Standard error.

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