u s constitution amendments 2 10

U.S. Constitution – Amendments 2-10 (Use powerpoint and internet research, no book required)

Here is your assignment for Amendments 2-10. You will still use the BoR powerpoint I posted and still do new research online to answer these questions. Type your answers in a different font color than the question

Two reminders……1) Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly, reliable source. However, at the bottom of a Wikipedia page, there are sources that are cited for the content on that Wikipedia page. Youre more than welcome to click on those cited sources and use those intead. 2) Citing your sources: you are NOT allowed to violate the Academic Dishonesty policy by copying and pasting, as this counts as plagiarism. So…..what are your options? a) restate the content you find in your own words….or b) you can copy and paste no more than 2 sentences for an answer response BUT you must CITE YOUR SOURCES. We will be doing “simiple citation”, which is merely inserting the URL address after each thing you copied and pasted. LMK if you have any questions!


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