‘The Most Dangerous Game’

Rely on your reading and analysis of ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ to write a formal, well-developed response to the following prompt: Explain how the title “The Most Dangerous Game” is appropriate for the text or propose a new title and explain why it is more appropriate. Make a claim as to whether the title is appropriate to the short story. Use textual evidence to support that claim either by explaining how the title is appropriate or by proposing a new title and explaining why it is more appropriate. Your answer should consist of 4 paragraphs: a small introduction, 2 main body paragraphs and a small conclusion Your introduction and conclusion should be no longer than 6 lines. Your 2 main body paragraphs should be 10 lines MINIMUM in length. The two main body paragraphs should have an opening sentence, claims followed by evidence, reasoning and then a closing sentence. Requirements: 900 words

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