1. According to a KPMG study eighty-three percent of mergers do not boost shareholder return. With merging, companies face many challenges such as communication challenges, employee retention challenges, and cultural challenges. The communication with employees is the hardest part of companies merging. If the company does not lay everything out on the table for their employees, they will begin to wonder what is going on and what their position will continue to be like with the company. If the employees do not feel secure at the job and know what is going on, this will lead to retention challenges. Employees will begin to have a negative attitude which will lead to their uncertainty about their job position. They could also feel betrayed but the job and not want to continue working there anymore.

The CEOs need to look at every aspect of the merge and make sure that the merge will be affective for the company long term. Impraise has developed a product which measures the overall cultural values, habits and skills of the organization. The company should also continuously ask the employees for feedback in order to fix any concerns or issues that they may have.

In order to make sure that the IT professionals feel comfortable together would be to do group projects and allow them to get to know one another. Throwing them all together without any introduction would not work. They need to feel as if they are a team and can work together. Group projects will help show each IT team member everyones strengths and weaknesses so that they can work together be successful.


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2. Many merging companies often face culture clashes. If the two different companies have different ways of working together and communicating, it can be the downfall of the newly merged organization. During a merge, both companies are at a much higher security risk for an attack. “When the growing business undertakes an M&A and brings a new company network on board, new (and potentially unsecure) IT systems can compromise even the most secure corporate network— and wreak havoc on the business’s data security and public integrity in the process” (Intrium, 2016).

Early on, both security teams need to begin planning and developing a new method for security. The security professional can bring together both IT teams by involving them both in designing the new IT structure. Tom McDonald calls this a ‘runbook’ that merges procedures and operations. The benefit of the runbook is that it will bring the departments together early on. “The IT departments should come together to create these books as soon as the merger is finalized, as it should be one of the first things done. They should be completed before any merging of IT systems begins and preferably before the companies make the announcement of their merger open to customers” (McDonald, 2015).

Involving both teams early on in the merge will help build relationships and determine the best ways to secure the company’s data. When employees have time to build proper methods it will create a huge difference for the company as a whole. When systems are working properly, data isn’t lost and there is a sense of security it will improve the morale of the newly combined companies.


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