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ABC’s of Relationship Selling through Service by Charles Futrell 12 Edition
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1000-1200 word paper, define personal selling (including a discussion of the old and new definitions). The paper will include your personal definition of personal selling, definitions from two different sources, and a discussion of the types of sales job. Based on these definitions, you are to explain the “importance of personal selling for organization success.” Further, you are to provide at least three examples for thee business world to support your explanationl. You must follow APA style guidlines to properly cite sources used in the paper and to format your paper, usiing a minimum of 3 sub-topics to support your main topic. Here are some TOPICS:
Sales Planniing, The Sales Process, Sales Management:The customer and the Sales Force, Managing Customer Relations, Persoal Selling and Marketing Concepts, Creating Value with a Relationship Strategy, Sales Growth Opportunities, Ethics: The Foundation for Relationships in Selling, Product-Selling Strategies, Creating The Consultative Sales Presentation, Creating Value wiith the Sales Demonstration, Negotiating Buyer Concerns, Adapting the Close and Confirmng the Partnership, and Servicing the Sales and Building the Partnership

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