Research paper for anticipate rush hour times and places in high

Title: Anticipate rush hour times and places in high demand for Uber drivers
Research Area: Data mining 
technical content:  Using machine learning algorithms to make predictions 
the purpose of this research paper:  after the research paper, I will develop a model that makes High Demand and rush hour time prediction to implement solutions in advance. 
Research paper outlines:
I- Title page and abstract 
II- Introduction (should include the following): 
a. Motivation/scope (1-2 pages). 
b. Problem statement (< 3 pages)and significance for IS. 
c. Importance of the problem, big picture. 
d. Objectives: 3 to 5 sentence summary of overall goals of the project. 
III- Literature review (20-30 pages) organized from the general to specific, subheadings reflecting internal organization, and may include: theoretical basis, related research, and similar research methods. 
IV- Discussion and anticipated applications (5-10 pages) 
V- Conclusion and Future Work (2-3 pages) 
VI- References (20-30 references) 
you can find an example in the attached file.
the similarity check should be 15% or below.

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