Plane to change behaviour.

Part 2: PLAN to Change Behaviour

In this second phase of the assignment, use learning principles (from chapter 6) to PLAN a technique that you will later use to change your behaviour. Value 10%  See Critical Path for due date.

Use the learning principles from chapter 6 to plan a technique to change the behaviour that you observed earlier this term.

  1. Think about the precursors (what happens before you engage in the behaviour or the “antecedents”) and the outcomes of the behaviour (what happens after you engage in the behaviour or “consequences”).
  2. Plan on using tangible- real!- reinforcements and/or punishments not just willpower to make the change in your behaviour. Consequences are the guts of a successful behaviour modification program! (Besides, obviously willpower isn’t enough; otherwise you’d already be doing the behaviour!). To increase a behaviour, you’ll have to choose a reinforcer that’s motivating for you and decide how you’ll deliver it. If you’re trying to decrease a behaviour, you’ll have to use a different strategy: Will you reward yourself for NOT doing the behaviour? Punish yourself if you do? Try to avoid the antecedents of the behaviour? Good plans involve a variety of components….
  3. Be very specific about what types of behaviour will “count” and what level will be required before a reward or punishment will occur. For example, if your behaviour is nail-biting, will you need to eliminate biting before you get your reward? Only do 5 bites per day? What happens if you do more than 5 bites? Also make sure that you can keep track of the behaviour as well as the number of rewards or punishments.
  4. Please use the specific comments returned to you with the first observation phase of the assignment to guide your design. Keep in mind that you may need to collect new information before you can design the next phase if I thought you needed more specific ideas about what factors might be controlling the behaviour.
  5. Remember, at this stage you are only planning how to change your behaviour, not trying to change it. Once I’ve returned your assignments to you with feedback, then you’ll be ready to move onto the final stage of the assignment.

Please attach your plan as a file with the following form: LastNamePLAN.doc., .docx. or .pdf. Again, please do NOT submit a .pages document.

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