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Career Growth Discussion
Discuss which types of portfolio seem best suited for you, considering the specific IT areas you have targeted. Would a PDF portfolio, which you can e-mail, or a website be best? Support your ideas by citing specific information you may have gathered from reading, web research, conversations with industry professionals, or other sources.
Also, describe any efforts you have undertaken to locate, inspect, and price different portfolio presentation options. Discuss any information you may have uncovered, such as good or bad quality issues, pricing variables, and any issues regarding the availability of certain options. Present any issues regarding the selection and purchase of materials for portfolio presentation that may be unresolved in your mind so that you might benefit from input provided by your classmates and instructor.
Answer the following questions about your portfolio:

Will this portfolio make it easier or harder for my future employer to determine what I am able to do?
Would a potential employer feel positive or negative toward me after looking at my portfolio?
Is my portfolio produced at a level of excellence that a future employer could see as being “above and beyond” what is expected?
How can I make my portfolio better?

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