must be familiar with project artist management music film

Project Specifications

For this week’s project you will research and outline the following in order to create a presentation and timeline that provides an inspirational look at your milestone goals and plan for personal development throughout your Mastery Journey:

  • Reflect upon the brainstorming work that was done in developing your Mastery Journey Framework (week #3 assignment)

  • Begin with your end goal of your course of study in mind and summarize a Mastery Journey goal for each course in your program by providing the course name and at least one insight, skill, or outcome that you would like to gain from that course.

  • In developing your strategies/tactics evaluate the course content, include self- study topics, library resources, and online tutorials (e.g.

  • Research and include at least one Full Sail Library multi-media resource and/or tutorial per course that will assist you with your Mastery Journey.

  • Identify and provide the email/phone contact information for at least 6 industry leaders that you could interview for a Mastery Journal blog post. (google and find record label companies or artist management companies.)

  • Include plans to get involved in your field of interest through clubs and organizations.

  • Include how you will expand upon your PLN by following innovative companies and your heroes.

  • Include how you will get involved with the Full Sail University community (e.g. clubs, industry organizations, non-profits, etc.) to get “real-world” experience.

  • Outline the characteristics of a mentor in your field so that you can set out to find that person.

  • Summarize your Mastery journey timeline key points and include a visual representation of your 12-month timeline depicting your Mastery Journey.

    (Please add visuals likes graphs, charts, shapes, images, etc.)

    Deliverable Due

  • Following the specifications above, use any output format you choose (e.g. Keynote, Pages, Word, iMovie, complimentary student version of, etc). Please note: This presentation does not need to be narrated.

  • Complete a visual representation (image or video) of your 12-month timeline depicting your Mastery Journey. You can use Keynote shapes, tables, or even a timeline DIY resource such as 


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