litr210, econ300 ,AND finc300


FINC300 FORUM: if you won the lottery and had the choice of a lump-sum payoff or an annuity payoff, what factors would you consider besides the implied interest rate (indifference interest rate) in selecting the payoff style? Provide a quantitative example to illustrate your choice. 250 word , references , and in text citation.

ECON 300 FORUM: It seems most everything we buy these days has the label “made in China”. China has become the second largest world economy, and one of the fastest growing in the world. Discuss the factors that have allowed China to become such a large economy, and the challenges China is likely to face in the near future. 250 word, in text citation, references, use economic terms.

ECON ASSIGNMENT 4: Carbaugh, Chapter 7, Study Questions # 5, p.269

5. The average person probably had never heard of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries until 1973 or 1974, when oil prices skyrocketed. In fact, OPEC was founded in 1960. Why did OPEC not achieve worldwide prominence until the 1970s? What factors contributed to OPEC’s problems in the 1980s? references, in text citations

LITR21O FORUM: 1. What similarities and differences do you note between the poetry of John Donne and that of Andrew Marvell? In what way does each poet exemplify metaphysical poetry? 2. Discuss the ways in which the Metaphysical Poets treat religion. In what way does it differ from the previous literary period’s treatment of that topic? 3. Pick two or three selections that we read this week and compare/contrast them. Remember to focus on the Metaphysical elements.

FINC300: Assignment 4

Complete the following homework questions in Word or Excel, as applicable. Clearly label your response and organize your work. Save your file as “LastnameFirstinitial-FINC300-4.”

1. (Future value) To what amount will the following investments accumulate?

  • $5,000 invested for 10 years at 10 percent compounded annually
  • $8,000 invested for 7 years at 8 percent compounded annually
  • $775 invested for 12 years at 12 percent compounded annually
  • $21,000 invested for 5 years at 5 percent compounded annually

2. (Future value) You are hoping to buy a house in the future and recently received an inheritance of $20,000. You intend to use your inheritance as a down payment on your house.

  • If you put your inheritance in an account that earns a 7 percent interest rate compounded annually, how many years will it be before your inheritance grows to $30,000?
  • If you let your money grow for 10.25 years at 7 percent, how much will you have?
  • How long will it take your money to grow to $30,000 if you move it into an account that pays 3 percent compounded annually? How long will it take your money to grow to $30,000 if you move it into an account that pays 11 percent?
  • What does all of this tell you about the relationship among interest rates, time, and future sums?

3. (Present value) Anita Solomon would like to make a single investment and have $2 million at the time of her retirement in 35 years. She has found a mutual fund that will earn 4 percent annually. How much will Sarah have to invest today? What if Anita were a finance major and learned how to earn a 14 percent annual return? How soon could she then retire?

4. (Solving for n) How many years will the following take?

  • $500 to grow to $1,039.50 if it’s invested at 5 percent compounded annually
  • $35 to grow to $53.87 if it’s invested at 9 percent compounded annually
  • $100 to grow to $298.60 if it’s invested at 20 percent compounded annually
  • $53 to grow to $78.76 if it’s invested at 2 percent compounded annually


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