infographic design 1

I have created two starter threads for this Discussion. Choose one to respond to for your initial post. The options are below:

Option 1:

  1. What concept did you choose to define for this Extended Definition Infographic assignment? Why did you choose this concept, who is your intended audience, and why will your audience use your definition?
  2. Find an example of an effective infographic online (about any concept – not the concept you will define). Provide either a link to the infographic or save it as an image and attach it here, using the image button . Answer the following questions about the Infographic you found:
    1. What design features (using design-related terms from Ch. 11 & 12) do you think make this infographic effective?
    2. Identify 1-2 specific “Ways of Extending a Definition” (from Ch. 20) you see in this infographic

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