i have presentation about oud its arabic musical instrument

this is the example that my proffesor wants it to be :
I want my presinetatoin which is about ” oud” be like this one below :
Informative Speech Outline
Title: Fast Food
Speaker: Kristine Diwa
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about fast food.
Thesis Statement: Fast food is convenient and very affordable, but it also has its negative effects.
I. Attention getter: Who has never heard of McDonalds?
II. Establishment of ethos: I have been a food lover ever since I was little, specifically of junk food and fast food. I have pretty much tried every fast food chain, like majority of students who are on a budget. But today, I am going to focus on the pros and cons of fast food and what every consumer should have in mind before indulging on it. 
III. Preview (each main point):
            First, I’ll inform you about the birth of fast food.
            Next, I’ll tell you the benefits of fast food, and
            Lastly, I’ll point out the disadvantages/negative effects of fast food.
Transition: First of all, I am going to explain more about fast food and how it all started.
I. Fast food has become a big part of our economy; it is time to look back on how it all started.
A. According to Tracy Wilson from howstuffworks.com, fast food has been around since the 17th century but did not gain popularity until the 18th century.
B. Wilson also states that “McDonald’s was the first to use the assembly-line system and opened their redesigned restaurant in 1948. From there, several other fast food-chains that we have come to know of have opened.” Fast food chains like Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and many more began all around the same time. From there is the start of what we have all come to know as our fast food restaurants.
(Transition: Next, I am going to discuss the benefits of fast food).
II. Fast food does have benefits, two of which are mainly the affordability and its convenience.
A. According to proconlist.com, majority of the pros of fast food is the convenience. With our busy society and lack of time to prepare home-cooked meals, people find it very convenient to choose fast food as the easiest alternative since there are plenty of fast food restaurants at almost every corner. It is so convenient, and is perfect food for on the go.
B. Stein, the author of the article, “What are the Benefits of Fast Foods?” states that “The low cost of a fast food meal compared to a meal at a sit-down restaurant can help you stay within your budget”. Restaurants and home-cooked meals can end up costing $10 or higher per meal compared to a fast food meal where you can get a ton of food and super full within $5.
 (Transition: Finally, I am going to reveal the negative effects of fast food).
III. Fast food is not as delicious as it seems and can be harmful for our bodies/health. 
A. As stated by Huffington Post, the contents used in fast food aren’t really what they should be. The meat is usually made of pink slime, chicken nuggets are made of the scraps of the chicken, and even “salads contain propylene glycol, which can also be found in antifreeze and sexual lubricants”.
B. According to the doctors featured in Morgan Spurlock’s movie, “Super Size Me”, we should steer away from fast food as much as we can because it can increase our risk for all sorts of diseases and will make us feel a lot of negative effects with too much consumption of it.
(Transition: To wrap up my speech, I have just informed you about fast food and its pros and cons).
I. Summarize (overall theme): Fast food has its benefits, but also a lot of negative effects that should be considered before consuming it.
II. Review (each main point): I explained how fast food started, the benefits of fast food, and the negative effects of it. 
III. Creative concluding thought (end with impact): Before walking in to a nearby McDonald’s or any of your favorite fast food chain, think about what that food is really made of and what it can do to your body before you consume it.
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