essay on the history of u s government

Final Essay

To finish Units 4-5-6 you must write an essay for each of the following questions. You may use whatever sources you would like. Each essay will be worth 10 points. You need to write about ten sentences to adequately complete each essay. However I will be looking at the quality of your writing over quantity. You may see some of these same questions on the proctor final so make sure you know the answers to all of them. Also make sure you have a works cited page in MLA format.

Current Cabinet

1. People either hate or love bureaucracy. Why?

Historical Cabinet

2. What is the significance of the Iron Triangle?

Courts and Judicial

3. What is the debate between judicial activism and judicial restraint?

Civil Liberties and Rights

4. The Supreme Court of the United States is studying a case that would put limits on the Miranda Rule. What do you think should be done to protect due process rights and still maintain law and order in a free society?

5. What is the difference between civil rights and civil liberties?

6. Find Martin Luther Kings “I Have A Dream” speech from 1963 when the civil rights movement marched on Washington. Are we closer to his dream of equality since he made that speech? Use examples.


7. Our economic system is called capitalism. What are the pros and cons of capitalism?

State and Local Government

8. Should the government break up big corporations and monopolies? Why?

9. The Federal Government makes states adhere to many government policies. Name and explain five policies that affect you where you are.

10. What did this government course teach you about your relationship between being a good citizen and knowing how our government works?


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