eng 1102 rhetorical analysis poster argument

Your Rhetorical Analysis should analyze how the text makes an argument. Your aim will be to analyze the selected text and examine what strategies the author deploys to achieve his/her rhetorical objective.

Generating Ideas

  • If you choose option one: search the library database or Google Scholar for an essay/article that focuses on prevailing stereotypes of Black girls. If you choose option two, reread the section of Leaving Atlanta by Tayari Jones that focuses on either the perspective of LaTasha Baxter or Octavia Harrison.
  • Explore the context in which the document was published (author, publication source and platform, publication date, socio-cultural and political environment, etc.)
  • Analyze the source according to rhetorical methods discussed in class with particular emphasis on the author’s argument and evidence, use of language, and social context.

If you choose option one: analyze the rhetorical situation and systematically break the selected argument into its constituent elements, creating an essay that discusses how the argument works. If you choose option two, analyze the section of the novel, describing what is being argued about the course inquiry and what rhetorical strategies (i.e. narrative structure, stylistic choices) are used to make those arguments.

  • Make notes about the ways in which the author deploys rhetorical strategies to achieve a particular objective given the situational constraints and textual foci listed above.

The Composing Process

  • Compose a paragraph in which you introduce your source and its relevance to the course inquiry you have been engaging this semester.
  • Present the findings of your analysis based on the foci discussed in class.
  • Draw a conclusion based on your analysis using evidence gathered through your analysis. The conclusion should identify the strengths and limitations of the argument and the extent to which you find it rhetorically effective or ineffective.

Specific Requirements

Your paper should

  • Focus on one source, either an article/essay that focuses on prevailing stereotypes of Black girls or the section of Leaving Atlanta by Tayari Jones that focuses on either the perspective of LaTasha Baxter or Octavia Harrison;
  • Analyze this source according to a specific rhetorical framework;
  • Include a title that reflects the spirit of the assignment;
  • Be 1-2 pages in length (single-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman typeface);
  • Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline Friday, February 28th (Failure to complete this assignment by the date it is due will result in you losing the full point value assigned).

The writing you complete for this assignment is designed to help you develop your rhetorical knowledge of texts and arguments that contribute to the conversation you have been engaging. You will use elements of this analysis to design your poster, so think about ways you can build on, develop, and refine your work as you move forward with the inquiry. Please contact me if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.


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