discussion post 900

Please compare the four types of entrepreneurial ventures in the following categories:

1. Number of employees.

2. Annual revenue.

3. Capital needed to start the firm.

4. Technological complexity.

5. Potential for sustained growth to over $1M in annual sales.

6. Ability to replace large, established corporations.

4 types of entrepreneurial ventures:

There are many types of new entrepreneurial ventures. These include:

Micro businesses like ‘Mom and Pop’ shops and stores. These are often

comprised of 1 to 2 people and are often lifestyle businesses that have an

annual income of approximately $100,000. Most start-ups and small

businesses are micro businesses.

Restaurants and franchises. Owning a restaurant or franchise business is a

well-established way to be an entrepreneur.

Family businesses. Some entrepreneurial ventures are family run businesses.

For example, a father might start a small business that his son joins and grows

over ensuing generations.

High-tech, high-growth. These types of businesses often overshadow other

types of new businesses. Companies like Google and Apple can be considered

high-tech, high growth. Within this space, there are several types of industries

that can impact how the business is started, managed, and grown. These

include physical devices (like Apple), information technology (like Google), bio

technology (genetic drug companies), and nano technology. This course will

focus primarily on these types of firms, as they are arguably the most complex

to begin and to grow successfully.


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