Clearly identify the health initiative. Discuss why you chose this health initiative

Clearly identify the health initiative. Discuss why you chose this health initiative. The health initiative I chose, is school nurses. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there are only five public schools with health centers. The schools the health centers are located have the support of the alumni and not considered underserved.In my teenage years around 1992-2000, there was an abundance of health centers in public schools. As the years have passed this has decreased but the rising rate of health conditions among children and adolescents (i.e. diabetes, ADHD, and asthma)has increased. My goal for the health initiative is to ensure that public schools in underserved areas have access to primary, preventative, and mental health services. Discuss your plan to carry out your health initiative project. The Office of Public Health (OPH) in Louisiana, initiated the Adolescent School Health Initiative in 1991, due to a rise in the morbidity and mortality rates of adolescents in 1990. My initial thought was contacting that department and discussing ways to reincorporate health centers in disadvantage public schools. I could also meet with leaders of the public schools to discuss the option of hiring a registered nurse and the services they are willing to pay for. Identify at least two resources (only one of which may be a website) that will assist you in development and implementation of your project. I could contact the OPH in Louisiana or collaborate with administrators at CareSouth Medical and Dental clinic where I am currently completing my practicum hours. The clinic would be a great resource because it has a school-based program, but the schools are not in the areas I am targeting. Arenson, M., Hudson, P. J., Lee, N., & Lai, B. (2019). The evidence on school-based health centers: A review. Global Pediatric Health, 6, 1-10. doi:10.1177/2333794X19828745 Louisiana department of health. (n.d.). Adolescent school health program: School-based health centers. Retrieved from Louisiana department of health:    

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