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Chapter 10 discusses the use of Energy Drinks for Athletic Performance (page 358).  Most energy drinks consist of glucose and caffeine. They may or may not contain other ingredients that promise to promote athletic performance.  Pick an energy drink from the list below. 


Discussion (6 questions):  Review the common ingredients of an energy drink such as Rockstar, Red Bull, Monster, etc.   Some common ingredients include taurine, guarana, ginseng, B vitamins and L-carnitine.

(1)What are these ingredients? Identify and explain the 5 listed above.  If your sample drink contains additional ingredients please identify and explain.

(2)Are these ingredients regulated or recognized by the FDA or USDA? Explain.

(3)How do these ingredients provide “energy” or “enhance performance”?  Explain.

(4)What is the nutritional value of the energy drink you used as a sample for this assignment (size of drink (ounces), sugar, fat, calories, % of calcium or other vitamin/mineral, amount of caffeine)?

(5)Are you surprised by any of the values?  “yes or no” is not a suffice response.  Explain.

(6)Do you feel that consuming caffeine every day is harmful or beneficial? Explain.

Use your text book and reliable sources.  Use your own words.  Do not cut and paste anything.  Do not use quotes as answers.  I expect a meaningful and informative paragraph response to each question asked.  Post/identify your answers in order as listed above – each question answered should be a numbered separate paragraph. 


  1. Initial posts must be a minimum of 300 words in length and include two (2) valid references [textbook, nutrition journal article, or nutrition professional website] in APA format.
  2. Nutrition journal articles must be:  (1) Less than 5 years old and (2) A minimum of two [2] pages in length.
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