Benchmark – executive summary on ikea

Assume that you work as an analyst team lead at the company you have  been studying throughout this course, and you are issuing a high-level  communication to company CEO that summarizes your analysis. Based on  what you have discovered regarding environmental scan issues, financial  analysis issues, industry trends, etc., communicate a plan for  implementing two strategic alternatives in an executive summary of  750-1,000 words.
Include the following in your response:

 synthesize and present key analytical  findings about where the company is exceling and how or where it can  improve. 
Propose  two creative yet viable corporate-level strategic alternatives.  Critique the pros and cons of each alternative utilizing your analytical  findings.
Select and defend the pursuit of one of your two  viable alternatives. How does this alternative align with the firm’s  mission, vision, and values? How can management employ this alternative  to create competitive advantage for the firm? Suggest next steps.
Based  on your analysis, identify a business unit or activity within the  corporation that you would suggest defunding in order to finance your  strategic alternative, or provide an alternate funding source. Defend  your selection.
Given your overall proposal, how do you suggest  the company promote its culture, vision, and mission to maximize its  chances for success in the industry? How might the company develop its  servant leaders to endorse and exemplify tenets of the Christian  worldview (CWV) in the workplace? Propose and defend at least one  significant leadership initiative.

ensure there is a introduction and conclusion with references 

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