attorney client privilege amp work product privilege

Overview: The attorney-client privilege is a law that was put into place by the U.S. legal system to protect the communications between a client and his or her attorney. In this short paper, discuss this privilege as well as the work-product protection privilege.

Prompt: Read Rule 502. Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product; Limitations on Waiver, which describes Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 502 regarding privilege. Next, explain the attorney-client privilege and its purpose. Lastly, explain how the work-product protection privilege is applied and how it can be waived.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Attorney-Client Privilege:

  • Purpose: Explain the purpose of the attorney-client privilege.
  • Updates: Discuss the most recent updates to the attorney-client privilege waiver and their effects. Are these changes for the betterment of everyone involved: lawyer, client, and others?

Work-Product Privilege:

  • Application: Explain the intent of the work-product privilege and how it is applied.
  • Waiver: Explain how the work-product protection privilege can be waived.


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