Assignment 19938519

Event  Plan  and Proposal
Project Description:
You have been hired to produce a gala dinner for a group of doctors  at their annual conference in Las Vegas. The requirement is to develop a  comprehensive event proposal for 250 people.
The clients have requested a sit-down three-course meal (salad, main  course, dessert), live entertainment, and activities for attendees. The  decision about the theme, the creation a unique name for the event  (which models the theme) and the planning is up to you. The budget is  $45,000 (all-inclusive of taxes and fees).
Your final project should be presented in a 30 to 45-slide PowerPoint  presentation of your recommendations. Please be as detailed as  possible, so your event concept is well understood during your client  pitch.
The suggested PowePoint outline is below: Slide 1: Title slide (including student name, course name, and proposal title) Slides 2-3: Executive summary (highlights including primary  decisions regarding site location, theme, atmosphere, staging, program) Slides 4-6: Agenda (detailed recap from set-up to tear-down on event day) Slides 7-8: Research (address key questions directed towards clients or additional areas you would explore) Slides 9-10: Theme and execution strategies Slides 11-12: Explanation of décor and photos Slide 13: Signage (promotional, direction, activity support, etc.) Slide 14: Facility layout (reception, dining area, entertainment stage) Slides 15-17: Reception (detail number of tables and personnel and  functions to be supported such as check-in, payment, badges, etc.) Slides 18-19: Catering (describe food and beverage offerings, include options for dietary accommodations) Slides 20-21: Entertainment (describe performers, staging/technology requirements) Slides 22-23: Activities/Recognitions (networking, silent auction/raffle, awards, etc.) Slides 24-25: Parking/Transportation (indicate where guests will arrive and depart from the function) Slides 26-29: Detailed budget Slides 30-31: Timeline (indicate key milestones from planning to execution and assessment of the event) Slide 32: Risk Assessment (address any possible areas of concern and how they would be mediated) Slides 33-45: Marketing plan (identify key messages,  internal/company communications and social media vehicles, along with  other integrated marketing communication strategies that will be used to  support this event). The associated costs (including time) should be  noted in the Budget section of the presentation.
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