Answer any 4 questions from below on basis of company amazon.

Pick 4 of the questions and provide your answers based on a business implementing IT from your surroundings. 
Here are the questions:

What business are we in? Which opportunities will we pursue and which will weNOT pursue?
Who are our customers, suppliers, and business partners? What value do we provideto these key stakeholders? What value do we provide to employees and owners?
What are the competitive dynamics and balance of power within the industry? Whoare our biggest competitors today? Who will they be in the future?
What differentiates us from competitors and substitutes? How easy (or difficult) isit for new players to enter our markets, offering a unique value proposition and/orsubstitute products and services? How easy (or difficult) would it be for customers,suppliers, or partners to switch?
How efficient and effective are our core operating activities and processes? Howeasy (or difficult) is it for customers, suppliers, and partners to do business withus? How easy (or difficult) is it for us to evolve our product-market positioning, toexplore new businesses?
What are the capabilities and resources needed to execute strategy? Do we have, orcan we build, the capabilities required?
What are the key business model drivers of capital efficient profitable growth andmarket value? What role does IT play in enabling the business model drivers ofeconomic value? Can we use IT to develop a business model dashboard and monitorbusiness model performance?

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