Analyze an Organization (Global or Local)

An Executive Report that answers the following questions about a global or local organization (preferably Global like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and other renounced companies, Pick One). Report must be of high quality, professional, MBA level, addressed to the CEO or leader of a corporation or public administrative organization (with Introduction, content and conclusion). You must present factual findings, explain methods you have used, and offer strategic recommendations. You must use at least 10 outside references in your report (More the Better and everything needs to be properly Cited APA style). This is for leadership class so needs to have leadership buzz words like Type of Leadership, Skills, Traits, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics, and so on. The questions that needs to be addressed in the paper are below:

  • What are the main strategic goals of the organization
  • How is the company positioned strategically to achieve its visions and goals
  • What are some of the major problems and challenges facing the organization?
  • What are the key leadership issues related to the goals and challenges
  • What is your assessment of the strategic leadership of the organization? What type of leader is the CEO, CFO or CIO and what is their leadership style? How has it benefitted or harmed the organization.
  • What are your leadership recommendation to address the main challenges facing the organization?
  • What next steps are you proposing the CEO or leader follow to address the challenges?
  • What are the potential expected outcomes of the leader and organization if they follow the recommendations?


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