address the following questions through in depth research on the internet

Learning Objectives:

CO5: Evaluate the benefits of standards organizations and quality management programs

Assignment Prompt:

This week you evaluate the benefits of standards organizations such as ISO (ISO9000).  Your essay this week will be to address the following questions through in-depth research on the internet.  This is not an opinion piece, you are to provide your reader with insight from expert sources regarding the following questions.  Every assertion you make needs to have a citation attached that is inserted according to APA form and style.  Likewise, at the end of your essay you will need to have a Resource section that is properly formatted according to APA 6:

  1. What is the purpose of ISO 9000
  2. What basic steps must an organization go through to initiate earning an ISO 9000 certification
  3. What potential benefits should an organization expect to reap upon completion of an ISO 9000 certification
  4. What ongoing requirements for continued auditing are necessitated by an ISO 9000certification
  5. What roles do the leadership of an organization play in initiating and maintaining an ISO 9000 Certification

Assignment Instructions:

Use the template attached for your essay.  Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words. 


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