Acc problem e18-21 and e18-24

Calculating Activity-based Costing Overhead Rates
Assume that manufacturing overhead for Glassman Company in the previous exercise consisted of the following activities and costs:
Setup (1,000 setup hours)                                            $144,000
Production scheduling (400 batches)                       60,000
Production engineering (60 change orders)         120,000
Supervision (2,000 direct labor hours)                     56,000
Machine maintenance (12,000 machine hours)  84,000
Total activity costs                                                           $464,000
The following additional data were provided for Job 845:
Direct materials costs                                                     $7,000
Direct labor cost (5 Milling direct labor hours;
35 Finishing direct labor hours)                                  $1000
Setup hours                                                                       5 hours
Production scheduling                                                   1 batch
Machine hours used (25 Milling machine hours;
5 Finishing machine hours                                            30 hours
Production engineering                                                                3 change orders

Calculate the cost per unit of activity driver for each activity cost category.

Calculate the cost of Job 845 using ABC to assign the overhead costs.

Calculate the cost of Job 845 using the plantwide overhead rate based on machine hours calculated in the previous exercise.

Calculate the cost of Job 845 using the machine hour departmental overhead rate for the Milling Department and a direct labor hour overhead rate for the Finishing Department.

Traditional Product Costing versus Activity Based Costing
Assume that Panasonic Company has determined its estimated total manufacturing overhead cost for one of its plants to be $204,000 consisting of the following activity cost pools for the month.
Activity Center                                 Activity Costs                    Cost Driver                         Activity Level
Assembly setup                                                $45,000                 Setup hours                                       1,500
Material Handling                            15,000                                  Number of moves                              300
Assembly                                            120,000                 Assembly hours                                             12,000
Maintenance                                       24,000                                Maintenance hours                       1,200
Total                                                   $204,000
Total direct labor hours used during the month were 8,000. Panasonic produced many different electronic products, including the following two products produced during the current month:
                                                                                                                Model x301                        Modelz205
                Units produced                                                                   1,000                                   1,000
                Direct material cost                                                     $15,000                                 $15,000
                Direct Labor Cost                                                          $12,500                             $12,500
                Direct Labor hours                                                                500                                         500
                Setup hours                                                                              50                                         100
                Material moves                                                                                       25                                           50                                   
                Assembly hours                                                                                     800                                         800
                Maintenance hours                                                                10                                          40
a.  Calculate the total cost per-unit cost of each model using direct labor hours to assign manufacturing overhead to products.
b.  Calculate the total per-unit cost of each model using activity-based costing to assign manufacturing overhead to products.
c.  Comment on the accuracy of the two methods for determining costs.
d.  Discuss some of the strategic implications of your answers to the previous requirements.      

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